Our Core Values

GTG’s guiding principles are based on those common to great companies, as outlined in the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. We believe so strongly in the principles that the name of our company, GTG, stems from the title of the book, Good to Great.

  •  Client Driven – our litmus test – “Will it be in the best interest of our Client?”
  •  Creative Problem Solvers – We love a good puzzle and strive to say, “Yes we can.”
  •  Long Term Relationships are Critical: Align ourselves with Clients with similar Core Values & Culture.


  • Principal Financial Group ( Ryan Carpenter, Assistant Director – Facilities Operations )
    Finding a design-build partner with in-house expertise in design, structural engineering, and general construction is a rare find. Finding a firm that can provide these services and consistently exceed our expectations is even rarer. From schematic design through the warranty period, GTG has served us well.
  • Des Moines University ( Steve Dengle, Vice President, Administrative Services )
    Des Moines University has worked with GTG Companies and its founder, Steven Grasso on a number of campus projects over the past 10 years.. We have found the work of GTG to be exceptional – they deliver a high quality product on time and within the established budget. Prior to founding GTG, Mr. Grasso was the lead architect and project manager on several major building projects that transformed the DMU campus. The success of these projects was in large part due to the work of Mr. Grasso. I highly recommend GTG Companies for your design build needs.
  • Summit Fire Consulting ( Dan Piccianno, Fire Protection Engineer )
    Summit Fire Consulting was approached by GTG for fire protection design consulting services for a unique and challenging project involving rack storage of high quantities of combustible liquids. The project presented significant challenges to all members of the team, but under the direction GTG, we were collectively able to work through an acceptable solution with the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Throughout the process GTG maintained a professional demeanor with both the project team and Authority Having Jurisdiction while clearly advocating for the Owner’s best interests.